Roman Clay

Timeless & Elegant: Roman Clay

Elevate your interior walls with Portola’s Roman Clay, a versatile and eco-friendly plaster finish. With its smooth application using a putty knife, Roman Clay allows you to achieve a wide range of stone, stucco, and marble-like effects, perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Crafted from natural ingredients and boasting virtually zero VOC emissions, Roman Clay offers a rustic originality to interior surfaces while maintaining an organic appeal. Whether you prefer a natural, ultra-low sheen finish or desire added protection with Portola’s Roman Clay Topcoat, the possibilities are endless.

Available in a broad range of standard and custom colors, Roman Clay empowers you to unleash your creativity and bring your design vision to life. Experience the timeless sophistication of Roman Clay and transform your space into a masterpiece of understated elegance.

Photos courtesy of Portola Paints