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Faith in Apple

By November 11, 2014 No Comments
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***UPDATE 04/01/2015***

Thank you Apple. Readers Apple has issues a repair program for the affected macbook pro ( http://www.apple.com/support/macbookpro-videoissues/ )

Dear Apple Executive Team,
I am an architecture who specializes in 3D architectural visualizations. I do a larger majority of my work in Photoshop and 3DS max. I recently left my job to start up my own high end visualization company. I am using apple hardware exclusively but am strongly reconsidering my decision for reason to fallow.
I have encountered a problem with my 2011 15″ Macbook Pro. About 9 mouths ago my laptop started freezing during heavy work loads. The computer becomes unresponsive and on reboot it will pause at the gray loading screen or bring up a gray screen with magenta/yellow lines. This was baffling as the machine was just over 3 years old.
I took the machine into the apple store last Friday Nov. 7 , 2014 to have it looked at by one of Apple’s genius. The verdict was my logic board is bad and needs to be replaced. The quoted cost was $310 USD. It seemed reasonable at the time but i opted to go home and investigate my options. As i was skeptical why such a new machine would need such a major repair. I own a assortment of other apple CPU’s and laptops which have been around for 7 plus years with no issues.
After returning from the apple store a quick Google search i found an apple thread with 2 million views and 10,000 replays all with person experiencing the same issues as myself. https://discussions.apple.com/message/27070660?tstart=0#27070660 I also found that the logic board replacement would not solve the problem. It seems there is a greater problem with heat affecting the GPU. Effectively if i took the genius advise I would have spent 310 USD only to have ended up in the same position again, seem absurd.
I assumed if the problem was this fair spread that there would be some kind of replacement program in place. To which i called apple customer service on Sunday afternoon Nov. 9th. I spent 2 hours waiting to get a resolution.
Around the 1 3/4 hour mark i got transferred to a Mr. Jason Moore (CC’d) who politely told me there was nothing apple could do for me. He suggested i call my homeowners insurance or credit card company i used to buy the laptop to see if they would offer me and extended warranty. Again these seemed like slightly reasonable suggestions. Yet even if they would cover cost this still would not solve the overheating issue. But I investigated them anyways to which none of them were successful.
Now its late Sunday evening. I have deadlines approaching. I need a laptop so i can do work will i am out of town. I deiced to sign up for a barclaycard. The no interest for 18 months was integrating to say the less. I was approved, YAY. So i went shopping online for a new MBPr. Settled on the 15″ with a variety of upgrades.
As i approached the check out screen a little voice told me to check with Google to see if there were any know design defect that would affect the operation of my future purchase. Seeing that i was about to drop a health piece of change on a laptop the might break again in 3 years was not something i wanted to partake in again. So i processed to do my due diligence. Lo and behold there where design defects.
Another blog with 1.5 million views and 9,500 comments of people having display IR issues and Mura. WTF apple.
At that very moment i lost all faith in Apple’s ability to craft a high quality products. The legacy of Apple should not end this way
First time shame on me second time shame on you.
The general public my not have any notions of how the quality is dropping within your organization but it is only a matter of time. I hope you guys can manage to get it together before its too late.
After this series of events i have decided to used the to buy a Kanex converter to connect my apple displays to PCs. I will be making a transition to PC as i do not feel safe with investing in your products at this time. Its not optimal but will do.
Apple case # 693518126


Concerned Customer,
Dustin L. Bush
Visualizer/Intern Architect

Los Angeles, CA
951 544 0875

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