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Lesson Learned

Growing Your Client Base

By April 25, 2015 No Comments
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I recently took a trip to new york in an attempt to grow the KINK brand outside of our current local market. At the on set of the trips I had anticipated great success for my week in New york. After the first two days it was time for a redirection of my energy. In the days leading up to my travels i experienced a lot of resistance to my travels from various sources, i know realize this was a sign that i was moving to fast. Below I is list a few of the lessons i learned on my trip. Most of these i am sure are thought on the first day of any introductory business course.

1. Grow Locally first

The first mistake i made was booking a flight to New York without having established my brand locally. The key to building any business is have a stable base to stand on. If you want to get new clients at the early stages of your business it is best to do that where you are headquartered at. The initial client relationship you build will be on a more intimate level then those that happen from referrals. In my experience my first clients seemed to be comfortable with taking a risk From a clients perspective a new company is a new risk. Your ability to delivery your product or services has not yet been proven.

2. Tuff skin

Selling a product/services is not an easy process. There will always be people who are disinterested with what your selling. In my case i am selling my vision and this is something very personal. When a person disregards that which your put your heart into it is hard not to take it as a personal blow. While your out marketing your product “locally” in the early stages you should create a kind of mental firewall. This firewall will defended against the blows to your work.

3. Know what your selling

Knowing what you selling goes beyond the knowledge of the product/service. It mean that you need to know how it is perceived by the client. Are you selling a wants or needs? In my case i am selling a want, also know as a luxury. Plenty of architects can do without my services. So i must approach selling my services for the luxury that they are. There are articles out there about selling luxury for mass brands.

4. Create a way to bring people into your (avoided pushing it at them)

My method of choose for marketing in New York as the above flyers printed on a nice heavy weight matt finished paper. This requires me to stop people in there tracks at attempt to hand them something the moment before they had no intention on having. I realized that a better way to go about this is to try and hold some type of exhibition of your work. Where the concept is you draw people into the work with out forcing them to. It will build a better initial relationship. Because those who participate in the work made the conscious decision to do so. If you still would like to hand out flyer i would suggest getting a women to do the passing out for you. I noticed that people are more willing to take flyers from women. I think instinctually if feels less threatening to be approached by a women.


Be Easy,

Sunny Bush



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